Saturday, October 13, 2012

Goose Gossage Awards

Forgot to post my Goose Gossage Award Winners.  (Relievers of the Year)

For the NL:  Craig Kimbrel

For the AL:  Jim Johnson

Explanations to follow.


  1. I'm double confused. You appear to be voting for both Johnson and Rodney for the Goose award (Rodney's right, I'm sure). And I can't wait to see your justification for Miggy (just to warn you, be ready for a retort :) ).

  2. Well what do you know. My original Goose Gossage Awards went through. And no, I didn't change my mind with Johnson. I quickly highlighted and pasted from a word document, and must have gotten the wrong name. So yes, it's Rodney and Kimbrel. Stay tuned for the MVP breakdowns. You're gonna love it!