Friday, October 11, 2013

BBA End of the Year Awards Ballot

It’s that time again.  The Baseball Blogger’s Alliance is ready to present their end of the year awards.  This is my official ballot with my picks.  Breakdowns to follow soon!

Here are the awards we are voting for:

The Connie Mack Award (compare to Manager of the Year)

The Willie Mays Award (compare to Rookie of the Year)

The Goose Gossage Award (compare to Reliever of the Year)

The Stan Musial Award (compare to MVP)

So here is my ballot:

The Connie Mack Award

NL:      Clint Hurdle

AL:       John Farrell

The Willie Mays Award

NL:      Jose Fernandez

AL:       Wil Myers

The Goose Gossage Award

NL:      Craig Kimbrel

AL:       Grey Holland

The Stan Musial Award

NL:      Paul Goldschmidt

AL:       Miguel Cabrera

I’ll send out a breakdown of each award soon, as well as the winners according to the BBA final vote when it’s done.  Let me know your thoughts!  You can comment here on this forum, reach out to me on twitter @PayoffPitch86 or go to my FACEBOOK page.  More to come!